The Daily Choice

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Where has vulnerability

gotten me?

To you.

To me.

To everyone.


But then?

When i “have” something to lose?

That is when vulnerability

is painful,


This is when

my demons come out.


I am loss-averse,

not risk-averse.

I am pain-averse,

not love-averse.

But they are intertwined,

from the same origin.


And so it remains a choice,

a choosing.

But why do I choose it

when it has brought me

time and time again

to my knees?


Because it is beautiful.

Because it is truth.

Because it is infinitely


Because it is the only way

you can see me

and I can see you.



is one of the few languages

we all speak.


Because without the choice,

there is no life

for passion,

for depth,

for exploration.


The irony is

we fear loss


we fear

being alone.

But we are alone





Life is pain.

Pain is beautiful.

Beauty is life.


We must trust

that as we climb

higher into the clouds,

something we cannot see

will catch us

– and that thing

we cannot see

is us.

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