Seeking Support to Spread the Love


If you’ve been reading along, you’ve likely been noticing my focus on intimacy lately – discussing cuddling sessions, bringing up intimacy discussions online (the second of which is happening on July 12 at 7PM MT), and stepping away a bit from my counseling career in certain ways (and towards it in others). This is because for the first time in my life, I want to plunge headlong into something that is by far not stable or a sure bet but what I’m passionate about. For the first time, I actually want to put effort into making the world better in as direct a way as I possibly can given my skills.

I’ve made a proposal for this that you can find below (or click here) and I’m starting on it as you read this. Some of these focuses/changes will impact this blog and some will be integrating other parts of my life into the blog and from my blog into other parts of my life.

Some changes you will find in the near future may include but may not be limited to:

  • Audio podcast links of written blog posts
  • New and improved layout
  • More frequent posts (yay!)
  • More discussion about intimacy, communication, and consent

If you like the sound of this and are enjoying and appreciate what you read here as well as value my overarching goal of making this world a more open, honest, loving place, please please please donate to my efforts below. Everything helps!

<3 Namaste

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