Ode to the woman who cheated with my ex husband

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I used to hear your name and scream inside

and want to punch something…

specifically you.


I used to have fantasies of all the horrible things

he would do to you

when he realized you were just as broken as me

at first.


…I used to think of doing them myself.


I used to hope for the day when you realized

you were being manipulated too,

just like me…

except on the other side.

And then you might call me and say

“I understand.”


That day didn’t come.


But as time has passed,

I feel compassion for you anyway.

I feel grateful you were in his life

to give me the straw to leave that day.


Through you,

I saw his and my paths no longer crossed.

I saw who he really was.

And I escaped.


I hope you did too.

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