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We love our Vitamix. This is one of our staple smoothies before being blended.
We love our Vitamix. This is one of our staple smoothies before being blended.

Anyone who has come over to my place to eat knows how much I use (and love) the Vitamix. It took me a couple years to convince myself to get it due to its price (yes, it’s about $400…$600 if you get the wet and dry containers), but it ended up being one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Obviously, a total “want,” but it is a want that did make life a lot easier! Here are the reasons why:**

1) It replaces most other food appliances.

At the time I acquired a Vitamix, I owned a breadmaker, food processor, and blender, all sitting on my countertop. As soon as I realized how great this thing was, I got rid of all of them. Had I also owned a juicer and ice cream maker, it would have replaced those as well. For the type A personality in me, I love the fact that my kitchen is less cluttered and requires the use of (and space for) less appliances.

2) It is freaky fast and freaky awesome.

As a vegetarian who makes homemade food for most meals a week, do you know how much time I used to spend chopping vegetables and fruits? Even when my husband, the anal food chopper, laboriously cut vegetables or fruits into 92 pieces (all exactly the same size), many times I needed them to be smaller for what we were making. With the Vitamix, I can chop, dice, or mince at whatever variability I want. It’s even better than a food processor because you can make pieces whatever size you want…and do it freaking fast.

3) It gets so hot that it will actually cook food. (And so cold it will make ice cream and sorbet.)

I’m serious. The Vitamix has 2+ horsepower to produce enough heat to actually heat and cook soup. This means on a cold winter night, you can get home and spend only 10-15 minutes in the kitchen and have a healthy homemade hot soup ready to warm you up. Who wouldn’t love that? Similarly, on a hot summer day, a minute or two of blending frozen fruits will create some amazing ice cream/sorbet. To make a thicker ice cream texture, use whole milk or full fat coconut milk (here is why you should consider the latter).

4) You can make homemade flour, dough, and granola bars.

It used to be a Sunday ritual that my grandma would come over to our place and I would make pancakes. Because this happened every weekend, I got pretty creative sometimes. With the Vitamix, getting creative was easy. I made pancakes from totally raw materials like flour from garbanzo beans or kasha. I prepped biscuits or other bread or dough in minutes without requiring kneading. For our hikes after brunch, I made granola bars in minutes from apples, steel-cut oats, berries, and other super heart healthy schtuff (See a staple recipe here). Making breakfast was not only made easy, but also fun!

5) It’s a professional-level smoothie-maker.

The Vitamix is beyond a good blender; it is an amazing blender. It makes smoothies taste as consistent as fruit juice, but doesn’t remove all the great fiber and nutrients from fruits and veggies like juicers do. The next time you go to a smoothie place, look at the blender they use- I guarantee it’s either a Vitamix or a Blendtec (competing brand). And for good reason. These things can take any combination of healthy food items (and take them whole) and blend them into smooth goodness. And yes, I realize how sexual that sounds. I’m not un-typing it.

6) Clean-up is quick and easy!

Clean-up of a Vitamix requires putting a couple drops of soap and some water in and turning it on high for a minute. It’s just as much fun using it as cleaning it up. 🙂

7) Make organic fertilizer from your food scraps!

Yes, you can actually take food scraps, blend them in the Vitamix, and use them as organic fertilizer. It’s cheaper and better for the soil anyway. Find out more here if you might be interested.

8) Provide the best for your babe!

Do you have a young child? Why not give them the cheapest, healthiest, and least processed food to grow up on: steamed and/or pureed fruits and veggies. No more BPA to worry about or chemicals you don’t know how to pronounce. Pure fruits and veggies, no more and no less (see recipes here). You can even make raw almond or soy milk if your baby is lactose intolerant! (example here)

9) Get the creative juices flowing!

My favorite thing about the Vitamix is that it makes cooking so much easier in general that I am much more willing to try preparing new dishes. When the chopping only takes a minute or less, I can spend more time doing other more complicated things within the meal.

So those are my reasons for why the Vitamix is awesome. Have I convinced you yet? If I have, go out and see one for yourself (click here for more information about Vitamix retailers in your area) or buy one online at the website.

**Note: I am not being given anything from Vitamix to get on my soapbox about this great product. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Vitamix

    1. Bruce,

      I’m not sure exactly what you mean by your comment, Bruce. Are you saying that if our focus is on needs and not wants per my previous post that we should not “need” a Vitamix? I’m totally in agreement! I don’t/didn’t need a Vitamix, but it was something I wanted for a long time and treated myself to it while then getting rid of a number of other appliances to balance it out somewhat. People spend the same amount on buying iPhones (without contracts), iPads, and other computers and tablets. Where this is a practical item I use every day to create healthy food unlike these other items, I see enough reason to own it. It’s not for everyone of course, and yes I’m lucky enough to have the money to spend on it. We all view balance in our own way. 🙂

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